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11:01 pm, baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. maryland goes dark. storms strike killing three and leaving massive damage behind. >> tonight, the clock is ticking on restoration efforts as the summer sizzles. hello, everybody. >> here's what people are talking about tonight. >> a storm with hurricane-like force slams maryland to be knocking out power to hundreds of thousands. repair crews from around the nation are now in maryland working to get everyone back online. that sound heard across the state as the clean up continues. you can see this van crushed by a large tree in northwest baltimore. friday night's storms hit hard
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and fast. wjz is live with extensive first warning weather coverage. we're going to begin in baltimore city where thousands remain in the dark tonight four days after the storm. >> reporter: seven people in maryland are now reported dead in the aftermath of the storm, including four heat-related deaths and tonight 800 more crews from across north america have arrived to help with massive problems like this one. >> right there. >> right in between. >> reporter: look closely and you can see westbrook's car underneath this massive tree. he was driving on rogers avenue when it landed on top of him. >> the tree surrounding all four of my doors, crashed through my back window, and i couldn't get out. >> reporter: crews had to pry him out. now power crews are trying to disentangle his car from the tree and get the lights back on
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in these hot homes. >> we've been surviving as much as possible. >> reporter: high heat combined with no ac has taken a deadly turn. >> i've never seen a storm like this. >> reporter: two heat-related deaths have been reported in baltimore city. the mayor fighting to get more utility crews in the city. those crews now working 24 hours a day. bge warns just because you don't see a crew doesn't mean they're not working to restore power in your neighborhood. >> they may be a mile away or a mile and a half away. >> reporter: 1200 workers are coming in to help, each crew working 15-16 hours a day. >> we usually close a fuse in, put a transformer, people back in service, and they're really happy. >> reporter: westbrook is happy
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for another reason. >> i can't believe how massive this tree is and i was able to walk away no scratches, no injuries at all. >> reporter: now he just wants his car back. bge officials received 165,000 phone calls in the aftermath of the storm. they have recalled service to two-thirds of their customers. >> thank you. baltimore city has now opened overnight emergency shelters for those without power. they are located at the baltimore junior academy and the dawson family save haven center. service to 600,000 was cut at the height of the storm. more than 34,000 are still in the dark. in baltimore county, the number stands at 67,000. in the city, more than 51,000.
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>> first warning coverage continues now. we are joined with more on how people are coping in baltimore county. >> reporter: around the baltimore county area and some of the surrounding counties, there are a lot of road closures because of toppled trees and the down dangerous power lines, but the frustrations and inconvenience many folks are finding when they encounter these roads closed are nothing compared to the hassles of those spending another night in the dark. in howard county, the trees that fell in roger davis' yard took out major electrical lines. >> this is this the worst since we've been here. >> reporter: waiting for roads to reopen and power to return. >> our grandchildren are coming from california, so we're going to have three children in our house, so i really hope it comes on soon. >> reporter: the storm left a mess in ann wall's yard. >> sometimes the house even
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shook, and we have a brick home. >> reporter: he was inside his house when a 22-ton tree came crashing down punching major holes in his roof. >> the house is livable, except for no electricity. we're surviving through that. >> reporter: in baltimore county, all the damage adds up to big business for tree crews. >> this is like a hurricane. this is really bad. >> reporter: just off old court road. >> oh, my god, i couldn't believe it. this one took out that one and all the way down. >> reporter: her yard looks like a bomb went off. power lines down in her driveway. she too is still waiting for bge. >> i think that should be a priority. >> reporter: a huge limb fell at her neighbor's home smashing into her roof snapping lines along the way and leaving neighbors here among thousands waiting for relief. >> it is sweltering. it's the only thing that's really the problem at this point is the heat. >> reporter: some of those folks
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waiting for power are going to be waiting a while longer. in fact, bge says there are some folks who will not see power back on until sometime this weekend. we're live in baltimore county for wjz eyewitness news. >> it's going to be a long week. and it is another hot night without power for 2 million people in the eastern half of the country. the heat is making a miserable situation even worse. >> reporter: the power came back too soon to this neighborhood. sparks from the still-damaged line caused a fire, and another delay for some in the 2 million homes and businesses still waiting for the lights to come back on. vanessa blames her power company. >> having a downed wire is dangerous and we've called it in numerous times. not only have they not removed it, but they're sending power through it and starting fires. >> reporter: the damage is being
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blamed on a straight-line wind storm. with gusts up to 80 miles an hour, it raged from indiana 600 miles to the nation's capitol lighting up the night sky. >> trees come down and destroy the infrastructure. that's what's going to happen. you have to look at this as a catastrophic event. >> reporter: falling trees caused most of the damage and deaths blamed on the storm, but now officials are worried the death toll may climb. she says she's not sure how much more she can take. >> we may have to go find a hotel somewhere, but we don't really have the money to do that. >> reporter: power crews were back outside their home repairing the line that caught fire. silver springs forecast high for tuesday for those with or without electricity is 95
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degrees. in silver spring, maryland for wjz eyewitness news. the recent extreme heat wave turns deadly. four people have died from the heat. two the heat is expected to continue for a a while. we continue in the weather sent with more on the continued hot temperatures. bob? >> once again in the mid-90s, but today's humidity was quite low. however, that is expected to change. right now, more comfortable at 76. the dew point is way down at 61. 69 in ocean city. and 67 in oakland. 76 degrees right now. it feels about 78 degrees. 84 is the way in feels in washington. tomorrow the heat will be back in the mid-90s tomorrow and the humidity will be returning once
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again. >> thank you you have. we have the latest on the intense storm that blasted through maryland. three people were killed and 189,000 bge customers are still without power. it could be several days, maybe even a week for everyone to get back online. stay with us for when severe storms hit and find the latest forecast any time. rally for justice. friends and family of a baltimore county teen allegedly killed by an off duty police officer take their rage to the state attorney's office. 17-year-old christopher brown died during an altercation with an officer. labord was indicted on manslaughter charges. they're requesting the department of justice review the case. >> we believe there were
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sufficient facts to warrant second degree murder. the family wants accountability. the mother wants the justice system to work. >> the officer did not have to pay bail. he was resee leased on his own recog any sense. requiring public pools to have a defiblator. it is named after 5-year-old connor the freid who died in 2006. it passed unanimously. for michael phelps, 8 was great in 2008, but this year seven will be his lucky number. he's decided to swim one less event. he will not swim the 200-meter free style. his record of 8 gold medals in one olympics will stand.
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the swimming competition starts july 28th. >> i have a good feeling he'll come home with 7. >> wouldn't be that be great? an f-18 slams into an apartment complex. navy officials reveal what happened. a new study about coffee and cancer. what it means for your morning cup of joe coming up next. more heat, humidity, and the threat of thunderstorms. i'll have the complete forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is mainly clear, 76 degrees in central maryland right now. the complete forecast is coming up. a catastrophic mechanical failure was the cause of this crash of a jet fighter into an apartment building in virginia beach. that was the conclusion of a report into the crash that happened april 6th. it was discovered the fa-18 hornet had both engines fail due to separate issues. human error was not a factor. the pilot safely ejected and no one on the ground was killed. the evacuees are now able to go home. many returned to scenes like
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this. their homes were so totally destroyed, only foundations were left. 350 homes were lost in the wild fire near colorado springs. fire crews it is 55% contained and it should be totally under control in two weeks. the family of the late joe paterno want e-mails and records released. this comes after cnn reported officials had a plan to report sandusky in 2001 but abandoned it after discussing it with paterno. a lawyer for the paterno family says the leaking of selective e-mails was done to smear the former coach. the report is due next month. after a two-month battle with a rare flesh-eating bacteria, a georgia grad student is leaving the hospital. she had to have her leg and
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remaining foot amputated along with parts of both hands. the infection entered her body after she cut her leg in a zip line accident. good news for coffee lovers. the more coffee you drink, the lower your risk of developing the most common type of skin cancer. >> reporter: she can't start her day without coffee, lots of it. >> one or two at home in the morning. and then on my way to work. >> reporter: lorrie perks up with more. increasetion the amount of coffee you drink could lower your chances of the most common form of skin cancer. they looked at 113,000 men and women over 20 years. the more caffeinated coffee people drink, the lower risk of developing it. >> it did not extend to the more
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serious kinds. >> reporter: it's probably the caffeine in coffee that lowers the risk. previous animal studies suggest it can block skin tumors from forming. experts don't want people overloading on caffeine or forgetting about using sunscreen. >> if i drink a lot of coffee, i don't have to worry about protecting myself from the sun. that isn't the case. you need to protect yourself. >> reporter: that's bennett wright has been doing now. >> now i stay out of the sun. >> reporter: the best way to protect against skin cancer is to avoid mid-day sun and apply sunscreen often. >> the research also found caffeine from other sources such as tea, soda, and chocolate may decrease that cancer risk. nasa's future is on display as the new orion capsule was
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unveiled. it's designed for deep-space exploration. it's designed to travel to mars and even an asteroid. i understand this one has many more cup holders than the last one. >> deep space exploration, you'd need some cup holders. time to check in with bob and our weather. >> we have some more humidity headed back. not a horrible weekend, but temperatures going back to the 90s. it's going to get more humid. pretty pleasant night, all things considered. dew point is way down at 61. no wind at all. the barometer is on the rise. right now, 69 at the beach. kind of cool down there. 67 oakland. 83 in washington and 77 over in
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easton. locally, temperatures in the mid-70s. overnight tonight, some of the neighborhoods north of the city away from the metro area in the bay will get down to the mid-60s. the humidity will start coming back tomorrow. the winds will start shifting more to the south. 94 today. they didn't think it was that warm because it felt like 90-91 rather than 100. tomorrow it will be 93-94, but it should feel like 96-98. the record is 103 in 1901 and 51 in 2001. kind of interesting there. very light winds just beginning to turn in d.c. at 70 miles an hour. tomorrow, that warm humid air comes back. already seeing thunderstorm activity developing across the south. the hot, humid air returns. wednesday this front probably giving us a good chance of a
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thunderstorm. could be gusty with heavy downpours briefly. a chance of a thunderstorm on your tuesday afternoon. activity down to the south in the kentucky, indiana area starting to move off to the north, northeast. there's a risk of a strong thunderstorm tomorrow. we might see one in the baltimore region. generally i think it will stay south of baltimore. there's more activity on tap probably wednesday. the bay temperature around 78. tonight, generally a pretty nice night. mid-70s in the city. 93 tomorrow, about like today, but more humid. and a chance for thunderstorms in the afternoon. same thing for wednesday. a pretty good shot, 95, 72.
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slightly drier. thursday, friday, 93, 93. >> thank you. check in tomorrow morning starting at 4:55:00 a.m. for the updated first warning weather forecast. the orioles are out west hoping to turn things around with a win in seattle. we have highlights next. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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real big deals this week and every week. it's about 8:20 in seattle. >> how are the orioles doing? >> in one word, very good. >> good. >> willis 2003 rookie of the year says he's retiring. and steve johnson son of dave johnson has been recalled from norfolk along with timmons.
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meantime, sleepless in seattle. andino, incoming. later, birds all-star catcher takes one off the mask for the team. moments ago with two men on base, davis slams a three-run shot out of the park. it's birds 3, mariners 1 in the fifth inning. a bit of a scare for angels fans. pujoles nabbed in the shoulder by the ball. nonetheless, the angels won that game 3-0. highlights went a little bit fast. watch this play. detroit's santiago got the twins a victory. moving along, an admirable but valiant effort, unwanted results for torres at the trials this
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omaha. as fate would have it, he finished fourth in the 50-meter free style which means he failed to make the team. hardy earned first place. day 8, wimbledon tennis big upset. sharipova sent home by number 15. serena williams acing. on the men's side, a big serve and a wicked back hand from jojocovich. and federer number 3, match point. that's what's happening in sports. still ahead, a young boy works wonders with a ping-pong ball. ,,
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